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This is a unique experience that not all Magic players get to enjoy.  The prize pool should reflect this.  We are proud to partner with Wizards of the Coast in order to bring you some next-level prize support.  We also submit our own high end prizes to make this the most elite Magic the Gathering event around.

Prize Support

Booster Packs

No matter how you finish, everyone walks away with at least 1 booster pack.  Win more rounds, win more packs.

Custom Deck Box

One lucky winner will take home a fully handmade and painted deck box.  One of a kind!

Collectors Boosters

Premium boosters for a premium draft experience.  You will have the chance to win collector boosters as well.

3D Printings

Custom made and event-branded items to enhance your gaming experience.

Secret Lair

Wizards of the Coast has generously offered Secret Lair additions.

Gaming Accessories

Our tournament will feature prize offerings such as dice and more.

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